Ultra Vires

by Vasillus

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Recorded, mixed and engineered by Mike Kutchman
at Kutch-1 Studios in Brooklyn, NY


released December 1, 2016

Mastered by Lupo Lubich
Album artwork - "Hypnose" by Sascha Schneider

Roxanna Bilal - background vocals on "Monitor" and "Ampere"



all rights reserved


Vasillus Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque-based experimental musician, A. Bilal.

Created out of a necessity to write and perform compositions that explore various stages of dissonance through a black, queer lens.

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Track Name: Monitor
Deep in the hollowest vertebrae
Elastic motor
To fuel the ways that we hesitate
Won't cross the border

What we offer
For the altar
Preparation for departure

Caught away in a power play
Conjured the north wind
A paper heart to desire flame
Romance - the ashes

What we offer
Decorations for the altar
Reservations for the slaughter

Monitor me

You want to lead with light
You want vision
You don't have the sight to walk away now

Preparation for departure
Reservations for the slaughter
Track Name: Pebble Worship
A child of the promenade
The gift you gave has made me
Estranged from my hiding place
The mess I've made will save me

If I am but a pebble in his garden
He knows my name

Heightened heavens fall away
Kneel before the ones you lay

A child of the mountain shade
The winds of change have claimed me
The grains of my younger ways
This labyrinth amazed me

A child of the everglade
My lazy ways, my daydreams
Align to my darker days
This mess I've made will save me

If I am but a pebble
Track Name: In Fences
Love in chains
Know my ways
Hold my face
Close the gate

Don't keep me in fences

Blown through // Come to me
Tame shrew // Undo me

Trace me safely
I am wild for you
Ever changing
I am wild for you

Feral state
Run in place
New terrain
Leave me space to breathe

Don't keep me in fences

Blown through // Undo me
Tame shrew // Come to me

Lie beside me
I am wild for you
Trace me safely
I am wild for you
Always trying
I am wild for you
Ever changing
I am wild for you
Track Name: Toomsuba
Another crocodile came before me
They trapped him in a river wide
He has a second spine to tell his story
His poison is much quicker than mine

I felt it shifting my axis
Surrender to serpent skin
We have an irregular practice
The synchronized sale of skin

Black horses carry me
White river / Silver sea

Another animated cosmic gesture
Brings me closer to your door
I follow through all of his strange suggestions
It's beaming softly to my core

There is another response to the question
How long before I close my eyes
He tells me "Brother, this is sweet perfection
In Toomsuba, come say hi"

Black horses carry me
White river / Silver sea

I tell myself another life is boring
The privilege of the world is blind
Watch the way it shaves the story
I'll learn to fill this space in time
Track Name: Appelat
One hand on my shoulder
I believe his words
Commit to the order
I am seen -- not heard

We deliver the damage

Walk to the edge
I can see it fade
Aiming to please
An unwelcome guest in this bed I've made
Sever the handshake
Deliver the earthquake

Your magnificent light
Drowned in sight
You're covered completely
in gold and white

This great beautiful line
No end in sight
Covered completely
Holy night
Track Name: Nexo Sexo
Why are we here?
We live beyond control
Somewhat surreal
I recognize the warning signs

I go neutral
Minor title
'Nexo Sexo' - You go, I go

If you know the things you think you know
Then why are you here
He needs you - he knows

What else to give?
I lie along the lines
Two ways to live -
Winter whore // Summer bride

I go neutral
Minor title
'Nexo Sexo' - You go, I go
Track Name: A Broken Book
There's a broken book I've been reading
Little broken words for my broken mind
Is a broken line worth repeating?
Brittle broken pages so hard to bind

Carry a flask for the drunker you
Wearing a mask for the younger you

There's a broken book you've been writing
Every verb attached to some limb of mine
There's a broken verse filled with fighting
Little love to surge is so hard to find

Finish the task on the hunt for you
How do I ask for what I want from you?

Where do I start?
I would wait for you
Tenderest heart
I can't change for you

Don't break the spell
Break the book
Track Name: Ampere
Magnetic man to guide the current in my dreams
It's in his plan to change the way the numbers read

Divided land, he plants the seed to watch them grow
Circuits are wild tonight
The breaking point unknown

(It's amazing, and I'm like, because of him, we're plugged in, okay?
We need to connect. It's amazing.)

No carbon cell can hold a prisoner of belief
The world is charged
I hope your soul finds sweet release